Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

Hey all! It’s Friday! Hope you all had a nice week and have a great weekend!

In honor of the holiday of Passover, YDD will be not be making posts. YDD will return on Monday April 28th.

Today’s topic:Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

This is such a good post to make today..because I happen to be very stressed out today due to the volume of work that has to get done today.

The one thing that I can count on to put a smile on my face is either looking at a funny post online from one of my G+ groups, or listening to a song that I really like a lot.

Those two things tend to put a smile on my face usually.

Sometimes, if a friend tells me a joke and I’m feeling down or stressed, it will also put a smile on my face.

Until next time!

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself!

Hey all! It’s Thursday! One day until the weekend starts! Are you all thinking about what you want to do? I know I am!!!!

Today’s topic:Express Yourself

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

This will be short and sweet. I express myself in several different ways..mainly by talking and by writing. Sometimes it’s easier for me to write when it comes to certain things than it is it talk about it. Other times, it’s the reverse.

Drawing, sculpting, painting, etc….not really. I’m not an artsy type of guy, so those things I’m not really good at, so I don’t do it so much.

Debating…not really. Once in a while I might get into a debate with someone, but it’s not planned. It’ll just happen.

Anyways, that’s it.

Until next time!

Daily Prompt: In the Summertime

Hey all! It’s Wednesday, and welcome to today’s edition of YDD! Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Today’s topic: Summertime

Theoretically, summer will return to the polar-vortex-battered Northern Hemisphere. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what are your fondest memories of Summer past?

I’ll make this short and sweet. Here is a list of what I’m looking forward to:

2) Warmer temps (although I don’t like it too hot)
3) Longer days and more daylight
4) Spending a bit more time outside

This is just a short list that came to mind. There are more, but these are my top 4.

Until next time!

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of YDD! Hope you all had a great Monday.

Today’s topic:Green-Eyed Lady

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

I know it’s not a good thing to be jealous, but there are several things that I do get jealous of:

1) If someone has a good marriage (I had a failed one)
2) If someone has money and can live comfortably (which I cannot)
3) If someone has TWO parents (I don’t).
4) People who are good in math (I suck big time)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, I do have my good qualities as well, which I strive to make even better, and hopefully by doing that, it’ll outshine the list above.

Until next time!

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Hey all! It’s Monday. I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and that you had time to rest up for the upcoming week.

Today’s topic:Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

This is very simple for me. MATH. I couldn’t do math for the life of me. Because of that, I couldn’t do any type of science that required math (such as Chemistry or Physics). Since I was a kid, math has been an issue for me.

Some people are good with numbers and others aren’t…and I fit into the aren’t category.

Until next time!

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